Our Team

Our Team

Meet the Filmmakers

Gisela Kaufmann & Carsten Orlt

We are not goat farmers (yet) but story farmers. We have been making documentaries for 30 years, and continue with the same passion and drive that made our previous productions so successful, receiving over 70 national and international film awards. Our 2018 ABC special ‘Farmer Needs A Robot’ brought us back to the roots and the inspiring stories in Australia’s rural heartland.

Meet our Associate Producer

Bec Bignell

Raised on a farm in Kojonup, WA, Bec Bignell is a champion for regional Australia. She’s the Founder of Rural Room, an online creative hub designed to release ‘stories from the sticks’, and she manages a national network of regional media makers, the Rural Room Media Stringers. Bec is the Co-Founder of new media production company Cockatoo Co-lab and the Producer of popular short form series, 600 Bottles of Wine.

Meet our Impact Producer

Lisa Hancock

Lisa is the brains behind Visible Farmer’s outreach campaign. She has 25 years behind her in marketing and communications agency-land & then she followed her heart into the world of social change documentary as Communications Manager for Documentary Australia Foundation and most recently as the Impact Producer for Backtrack Boys.

Meet our Digital Strategist

Georgia Faure

Georgia is an experienced digital and social media marketer, able to put any thought into 120 characters. Her work has taken her everywhere from broadcast television to advertising agencies, and most recently to the team at Visible Farmer.