I'm a wife, I’m a mother, I'm a sister, I’m a cousin. We're all of those things, but ultimately I am a farmer.
Nicole Batten, grain & sheep farmer, Batten Farms, Mid-West
Visible Farmer Women

Our Women

Meet Chris, the goat farmer, who has reinvented the family business into a gourmet success. Darrylin, an Indigenous cattle farmer and WA’s Rural Woman of the Year, determined to create a better future for her community. Nicole, who steers the family’s grain business with high-tech precision. Ketut, a young mother from Bali who became the farmer by default, now loving every minute of it. Joanne, a true-blue bushy with ‘red dirt in her blood’, who never gave a damn about convention. Or Annabelle, a fifth generation pastoralist, who fought hard to be part of family farm succession, when her mother never stood a chance.
From remote outback stations to urban market gardens - it’s a journey that will change your perception of who a farmer is.

Season 1 - Western Australia

  • Debbie Dowden, cattle producer, WA’s Mid-West

    Debbie Dowden

    Episode 1 - BREAKING FREE

    After 21 years of teaching her children via School of the Air, Debbie finally grabbed her chance to be a hands-on-farmer – and never let go again. She grew up in the city and always dreamt of being a farmer. She got her pilot’s licence and met the man-and-farmer of her dreams. They married and moved to his remote 5th generation pastoral property. But it was a hard landing. Back then, women were expected to look after the homestead and children. Today that view is finally changing.

  • Nicole May, dairy farmer, Margaret River WA

    Nicole May

    Episode 2 - TIL THE COWS COME HOME

    Back home in Switzerland it was spending time on her godmother’s dairy farm that set Nicole’s heart on becoming a dairy farmer. She decided to join a rural exchange program and work on a farm in Australia. It took her straight to Margaret River. Here she met a dairy farmer and married him. She has never looked back. Fast forward 25 years and Nicole still loves improving everything the family does - from milking to breeding and artificial insemination to operating heavy machinery. It’s that variety that keeps her excited about getting up every day before sunrise.

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